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Climate science keeps change its mind; global cooling? yes, perhaps no , global warming? yes, perhaps no, now they have “discovered” that climate is changing, which is like “discovering” that night follows day! They are seriously damaging the reputation of science! 

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I get the feeling, and I don’t think that I’m wrong,
Climate scientists just make it up as they go along.
Their story keeps on changing, it’s hard to keep pace,
And we keep on believing, we’re a very strange race.

First global cooling, of that they were certain,
Crops wouldn’t grow, it was our final curtain.
Then global warming, a rising temperature range,
But that didn’t happen; now it’s climate change.

Keep changing their minds, the best way to confuse.
Turning around the terms they like to use;
Climate’s not weather, well, more often than not,
But weather can be climate! Are you still with the plot?

And now can you believe it, every time there’s a storm,
To some weird climate theory it has to conform?
Don’t dare question this witchcraft, you’ll become a denier;
Climate science is building its own funeral pyre!

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