Sharia Law – It is Only a Matter of Time


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The Law Society shows the way forward or perhaps the the way back?

Will Scribe Putin on Islam

And so with political correctness
The Law Society has been infected,
And onto the slippery slope of Sharia
We are now being directed.

Introduced slowly at first with wills,
But FGM is certain to follow;
Then legalised paedophilia,
Sharia Law, a bitter pill that we have to swallow.

Our daughters will be able to marry at nine,
I’m sure they’ll be so delighted,
Wearing their little wedding dresses,
Muslims getting sexually excited.

Brainwashed, intimidated and so afraid,
We must not offend minority views,
Will the Law Society next introduce Nazi law,
And legalise the persecution of Jews?

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© Will Scribe 2014

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