Obama and Ignorance – An Infectious Disease?


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Obama, an abuse of power? More like an abuse of science.

Will Scribe Stupidity

Arrogance and ignorance,
Obama at his best;
Vetoing the XL pipeline,
With his usual socialist zest.
He thinks it shows he’s tough,
That he can show defiance,
When all it shows is ignorance
Of the basic laws of science.

Pseudoscience and socialism,
Obama and his tricks;
Combining fear and ignorance,
It’s such a potent mix.
A big enough lie told often enough,
How many are being deceived?
And his incredulous rants on climate,
By how many are being believed?

He talks of carbon emissions,
From them a threat we are facing,
But we don’t emit carbon, the fool,
It’s the science he’s debasing.
Carbon dioxide gas emissions,
Is that what he means to say?
It’s not a point of detail, my friend,
It shows the ignorance on display.

Real scientists say no proven problem,
Still Obama has demanded a cure;
Higher taxes and freedom restrictions
Are what we will have to endure.
And the science can’t ever be discussed,
We’ve all heard Obama shout;
But free and open discussion
Is what science is all about!

“Consensus” and “settled” you won’t find
In any real book of science,
Yet Obama freely uses these terms
To demand from us compliance.
And as any physicist will tell you,
Scientific laws have not yet been sorted,
That allow for computer model predictions,
Like the ones that are being reported.

Temperature rises are not rises at all,
Obama needs to keep that hidden;
His agenda not supported by the actual results,
So raw data is being overridden.
Obama has strength and fortitude,
Won’t let facts stand in his way;
And if it means the debasing of science,
That’s the price we will have to pay.

Obama sits in the White House,
Counting out piles of green money;
Paying his pseudoscientific friends,
(Real scientists don’t find that so funny).
And grants and subsidies as well,
A whole industry has been created,
And all based upon a hypothesis,
A theory that has been inflated.

All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2015

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